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Corporate / LLC / LLP Ownership

As the global economy emerges slowly from recession and the climate for investment into the U.S. improves, we are experiencing an increasing trend in the number of our non-resident clients who are choosing to invest using corporate style entities to buy properties rather than in personal names. This is due mainly to a number of benefits which a corporate ownership route can sometimes provide:

  • Enables the purchaser to secure Limited Liability protection in a litigious claims environment
  • Simple structures can be set-up and maintained at a relatively modest annual running cost
  • Most times, income arising can still be taxed at lower personal rather than corporate tax rates
  • Ownership participation can be extended to the next age generation

The entities which can be used to hold property in the US include:

At Harding Bell International we have carefully developed our corporate services to facilitate and assist with:

Our Corporate team will guide you through the various options based upon an assessment of your primary objectives in investing in the U.S.

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