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A Place in the Sun Live – NEC Birmingham

Over 6,500 property hunters attended A Place in the Sun at NEC Birmingham in September. Despite this being the first event since the Brexit vote took place, attendees demonstrated a strong enthusiasm for purchasing a property out side of the UK. Alan and Susan Harding met many with clients on the stand as well as… Continue Reading

Arrests Made in IRS Phone Scam

  Newspapers report on call center workers posing as IRS tax collectors to rake in tens of millions of dollars.. Thousands of US citizens may have been targeted in a huge tax scam run from call centers in Mumbai where hundreds of workers were allegedly trained to speak in American accents in order to steal… Continue Reading

IRS Begins Mandatory ITIN Renewals

The IRS will begin implementing changes  in the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) program which will require many ITIN holders to renew their numbers.  The change comes as a result of The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH) passed by Congress last December. All ITINs not used on a federal tax return at least once in the last… Continue Reading

Reporting Owner Rental Income

Sales & Use Tax – Tourist Development Tax Non-resident owners of U.S. rental property should be aware of their requirement to report and pay Sales & Use Tax and Tourist Development Tax on rental income generated by their US rental property. The taxes are required to be reported and paid monthly to Florida Department of Revenue and… Continue Reading

IRS Delays Issuing Tax Refunds for Foreign Tax Filings

The IRS has continued to delay issuing tax refunds for nonresident alien/foreign taxpayers filing Form 1040NR.  The IRS states that additional “verification and related processes/procedures” are being performed prior to their issuing any tax refund/credits.  Under the Hire Act of 2010, the IRS was given 180 days to review tax refunds for foreign persons, nonresident… Continue Reading

Introducing HBI Mortgages

You talked, we listened… Harding Bell International is proud to announce the introduction of HBI Mortgages – a mortgage brokerage established to provide a range of products to best service both the domestic and foreign national marketplace. Helping you through the mortgage maze… Our in-house principal broker, Rob Farmer, has a strong background in the… Continue Reading

Property / Real Estate Tax

Payable annually to the Tax Collector’s Office (in the County where the property is located).  Tax bills are mailed out on or before November 1st each year.  Payment is due by March 31st with discounts available for early payment. Property or Real Estate Tax is an ad valorem tax assessed on the value of the … Continue Reading

Property owners, do you know what a TRIM notice is?

I own property in Florida and have heard that I will receive a TRIM notice during August.  What is it and what action do I have to take? In 1980, Florida legislature passed the “Truth-in-Millage” (TRIM) act.  This law is designed to inform taxpayers which governmental entity is responsible for the taxes levied and the… Continue Reading

Tangible Personal Property Tax

Tax return filed annually to the Property Appraiser’s Office (in the County where the rental property is located), due by April 1st – late filing penalties effective after this date.  Tax bills are mailed out on or before November 1st each year.  Payment is due by March 31st with discounts available for early payment.  A… Continue Reading

Watch out for Real Estate Tax Bills due in November…

A note to Florida property owners that Real Estate Tax bills are due to be mailed out by the Tax Collector’s Office in the county where the property is situated towards the end of October arriving during the first week or so of November. The bill follows the TRIM notice issued during August.  The Real… Continue Reading

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