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Tangible Personal Property Tax

Tax return filed annually to the Property Appraiser’s Office (in the County where the rental property is located), due by April 1st – late filing penalties effective after this date.  Tax bills are mailed out on or before November 1st each year.  Payment is due by March 31st with discounts available for early payment.  A… Continue Reading

Sales & Use Tax

Payable on short term rental income (individual bookings of less than six months).  Filed monthly to the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR), due by 1st of month; late filing penalties effective after 20th of month. In Florida, Sales and Use Tax is payable on all short term rental income, regardless of where it is received. Your management company… Continue Reading

Local Business Tax (previously Occupational License)

Required by homeowners who rent their US property and receive rental payments directly. Paid annually to the Tax Collectors Office (in the County where the rental property is located). A Local Business Tax Receipt or Occupational License is issued by the Tax Collector’s Office to all persons engaged in businesses located and/or operating in the… Continue Reading

Hotel License

Each property generating short term rental income (individual bookings of less than six months) must have a Florida Hotel License which is renewed annually. The application and renewal of this license is usually handled by your management company – we recommend that you request and retain a copy in your personal files. The Florida Department of Business… Continue Reading

FAQs About Rental Property Taxes

What is the U.S. tax filing year? The U.S. tax filing year runs January 1st – December 31st What tax returns have to be filed? U.S. Non Resident Income Tax Return – Form 1040NR See Income Tax Tangible Personal Property Tax Return to the Property Appraiser’s Office where your property is located See Tangible Personal… Continue Reading

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