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A Place in the Sun Live – NEC Birmingham

Over 6,500 property hunters attended A Place in the Sun at NEC Birmingham in September. Despite this being the first event since the Brexit vote took place, attendees demonstrated a strong enthusiasm for purchasing a property out side of the UK. Alan and Susan Harding met many with clients on the stand as well as… Continue Reading

Arrests Made in IRS Phone Scam

  Newspapers report on call center workers posing as IRS tax collectors to rake in tens of millions of dollars.. Thousands of US citizens may have been targeted in a huge tax scam run from call centers in Mumbai where hundreds of workers were allegedly trained to speak in American accents in order to steal… Continue Reading

What is an LLC – Limited Liability Corporation?

An individual investor taking ownership of U.S. property via an LLC limits their exposure to liability and is considered a disregarded entity for tax filing purposes. The non-resident investor files an individual U.S. income tax return, Form 1040NR. Income and capital gain is taxed at the more beneficial individual income tax rates. There are disadvantages:… Continue Reading

What is an LLP- Limited Liability Partnership?

Limited Partnership (LP) An LP has at least one general partner and at least one limited partner. The general partner has the same role as in a general partnership; controlling the company’s day-to-day operations and being personally liable for business debts. The limited partners contribute financially to the business but have minimal control over business… Continue Reading

About Foreign Corporations

Federal and state returns are filed annually for the Foreign Corporation to report income received from sources within the U.S.. Income that is “effectively connected” with the business in the U.S., including income from gain, is taxed at regular corporation income tax rates which vary from 15% – 35%. State and local taxes and rules… Continue Reading

What is a Florida Registered Agent?

Florida Statutes dictate that each corporation, foreign corporation, or alien business organisation that owns real property located in Florida, that owns a mortgage on real property located in Florida, or that transacts business in Florida shall have and continuously maintain a registered office and registered agent. In addition; a foreign corporation that owns Florida real… Continue Reading

Florida Business Entity Annual Report Deadline

An annual report must be filed each year for a  business entity to maintain an “active status” with the Department of State.  The annual report is not a financial statement, the report is used to update or confirm the Department of State, Division of Corporations’ records. In Florida, the report is due by May 1st… Continue Reading

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